You Can’t Say Anything about Women that Doesn’t Apply to “Trans Women”

On Point with Tom Ashbrook is NPR’s answer to the Rush Limbaugh Show. One hour today seemed like it might be interesting. It was a repeat from an March 5, 2915, show.

Medication and Female Moods

Are American women being prescribed psychiatric drugs – anti-depressants, anti-psychotics — for normal emotions? We’ll hear out one psychiatrist’s bold claim.

I thought this was interesting because I’ve heard similar arguments about children and the medications to treat ADD and ADHD. This especially affects boys.

But a friend posted about a caller. That is the reason I’m posting about the show. The call starts at 19:37.

So to summarize the foolishness:

Julie Holland, a feminist psychiatrist, was promoting her new book on moody women and medication. She claims that women are “moody” simply because they are women. That’s just the way they are.

Then a woman calls from Decatur, Georgia. She objects to Holland’s “gender essentialism.” She’s discounting the experience of “trans women,” claims the caller. In other words, she’s not including deluded men who pretend to be women in her definition of woman.

But it gets even more surreal…