World Health Organization Chief Wants To Eradicate Tobacco Industry

World Health Organization chief Margaret Chan wants tobacco companies to be completely driven out of business.

Last week, Chan delivered a speech at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health, applauding tobacco reform in various countries and further stating that reform is just the first step of the way to eliminating the tobacco industry, AFP reports. According to statistics Chan cited, every six seconds a person dies due to smoking. This totals to 6 million people each year. For the WHO, the goal by 2025 is at minimum a 30 percent global reduction in tobacco consumption.

Part of that reform includes plain packaging laws. The idea behind plain packaging is that forcing manufacturers to use standardized labeling on cigarette packs will discourage consumption. Under this arrangement, manufacturers can only include their brand name on a small portion of the cigarette pack. The rest of the pack is usually covered with health warnings and imagery showing the very graphic consequences of smoking.