Woman Throws Molotov Cocktail At Pro-Life Activists

A woman threw a Molotov cocktail at three pro-life volunteers who were praying in front of a Planned Parenthood facility in Austin, Texas, Monday night.

One of the three women saw the flaming cocktail coming directly at her, and was able to dodge it and stamp it out. Another woman got the woman’s license plate number, and police later arrested her.

The women were volunteering for the Central Texas Coalition for Life, whose executive director, Heather Gardner, recounted the details to The Daily Caller News Foundation. ”People will throw eggs or styrofoam cups or get verbally aggressive, but nothing violent like this happen before,” Gardner said.

The cocktail, pictured below, was a large napkin inside what appears to be a plastic Gumout Gas Treatment bottle. It’s unclear what, if any liquid is in it.