Woman Starts GoFundMe Campaign to Pay for Her Abortion So She Can Party

People around the world use the GoFundMe web site and it’s normally a place for heartwarming campaigns to help people who have adverse medical conditions, who have been in accidents or who are raising money for other people in need or good causes. But one woman is using it to raise funds for her abortion.

Bailey’s Abortion Fund has already raised $1,654 of $2,500 by 106 people over the last two days who want to give her their hard-earned cash to pay to kill her baby in an abortion.

UPDATE AT 1:30 p.m. ET: The funding page has been taken down. LifeNews has reached out to GoFundMe for comment and has yet to receive a reply.

With the projected cost of the abortion well over the typical $450-$500 price for an early term abortion, it’s obvious that Bailey and her boyfriend are raising funds to take the life of their child in a late abortion near viability. The couple say they are raising funds for the abortion because insurance will not cover it.

“Bailey needs an abortion,” the page claims in a post. “Some of you know and love her. Some of you probably wish you could be her. She is the most important person in my entire life, and even though I didn’t help create the fetus inside of her, we need to get rid of it, because this affects me just as much as it does her.”