Woman Conceived in Rape Condemns Obamacare’s Rape Exception

Rebecca Kiessling, a family law attorney, blogger, and pro-life speaker who was conceived as the result of a rape, condemned the rape exceptions in Obamacare and even in legislation that limits funding for abortions, such as the Hyde Amendment.

“It’s very frustrating to just be summarily dismissed like this. [This] is my life that you’re talking about,” she said.

Speaking at a Capitol Hill Ambassador’s Luncheon in Washington on Thursday, Kiessling complained that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed “by using the rape exception,” which led to wider taxpayer funding of abortions, as a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report revealed.

Kiessling was conceived when her mother was raped at knifepoint by a serial rapist in Michigan during the late 1960s.

She related that her mother sought an abortion at two different back-alley abortion clinics, but because of the safety and legal risks associated with the then illegal procedure, Kiessling’s mother decided not to go through with it.

“I was almost aborted, but I was legally protected, and she made it quite clear to me for the first six years that I knew her that it was her body, her choice, and that [aborting me] should have been her right, and that ‘you don’t know what it was like’ – which is true,” Kiessling said. ”But now today she and I are both thankful that we were both spared the horror of abortion.”