Why Republicans are Trying to Repeal Obamacare Now

Nine months after seizing the Senate majority, Republicans in Congress are finally ready to try ditching President Obama’s healthcare law by using a special legislative procedure.

Obama could find a bill repealing major parts of his signature Affordable Care Act on his desk this month, once Congress approves the legislation using what is known as budget reconciliation rules. Three House panels have approved their pieces of the bill, and the House Budget Committee is slated to consider the legislation next week.

The strategy won’t ultimately work, as Obama is certain to veto the bill. But it will be the furthest Republicans have ever gotten in their five-year quest to get rid of the sweeping legislation and will be the first time the president is forced to veto a bill bludgeoning his healthcare law.

“This bill is our best shot at getting it to the president’s desk,” House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said this week. “We can finally confront the president with the reality confronting working families every single day. We would take this debate out of the realm of the abstraction.”