Why Gay Marriage Never Became a Midterm Issue

In a key midterm election year, an unexpected Supreme Court decision on a divisive political issue would usually send shockwaves.

But when the Supreme Court opted recently to let stand rulings allowing gay marriage in five states, paving the way for gay marriage in many others, it hardly registered on the campaign trail.

In North Carolina, an important battleground state in the fight for a Senate majority, the court’s decision has already had a major impact.

A federal circuit judge decided last week that same-sex marriages in North Carolina could move forward despite an ongoing lawsuit over the state’s Amendment One ballot measure that banned such marriages.

Yet neither Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan nor Republican Thom Tillis did much with the issue.

Instead, in a recent debate, Hagan lumped in Amendment One with other examples of Tillis’ record in the statehouse as House speaker.