White House: ‘We’re Confident We Will Prevail’ in Obamacare Legal Battle

The White House’s top spokesman brushed aside the impact of a court ruling invalidating the federal government’s ability to provide Obamacare subsidies, saying the Obama administration is confident that its legal case will prevail on appeal.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Tuesday told reporters that the law, as written and passed by Congress, was clear on its intent to provide federal government subsidies for Obamacare to those who qualify for them.

“This will go through the legal process, and we are confident in the case the Justice Department is making,” he said.

After the 2-1 ruling by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’s three-judge panel came down Tuesday morning, the Obama administration quickly signaled that it planned to appeal the decision to the full D.C. Circuit.

Even if the Obama administration wins there, the case appears headed for the Supreme Court, which will be the final arbiter of whether the federal government can provide the subsidies, a key pillar of Obamacare.