White House Weighs Timing of Announcement on Immigration

The White House has been debating the timing of an announcement on the president’s executive action on immigration reform, press secretary Josh Earnest acknowledged Tuesday.

Earnest said the president likely would not allow Capitol Hill considerations to weigh heavily on the timing of his announcement because Republicans have signaled a willingness to pre-emptively defund executive action.

“This is something that has been discussed at the White House,” Earnest said.

Earnest acknowledged that some think “Republicans are less likely to attach some kind of rider that would defund any of the president’s actions” if the White House waits until after Congress passes a continuing resolution (CR) or omnibus bill to fund the government.

But he said the issue could be argued “both ways.”

“My sense is that even if the president doesn’t announce anything until late in December, that will not prevent Republicans from pre-emptively trying to attach to the CR or an omnibus bill a proposal to make the implementation of that executive action harder,” Earnest said.