White House Targets Campus Sex Assaults

The White House will debut a series of recommendations and government actions Tuesday designed to reduce campus sexual assaults, following a three-month investigation by a presidential task force empaneled earlier this year.

“Both the president and the vice president are committed to rooting out this violence wherever it exists, but especially on college campuses,” said a White House official.

The administration will launch a centralized website — NotAlone.gov — that serves as a clearinghouse for students to find information about enforcement data and how to respond to a sexual assault. The site will link students to resources like mental health services and crisis hotlines, and give them information about how to file complaints about assaults.“Colleges and universities need to face the facts about sexual assault.  No more turning a blind eye or pretending it doesn’t exist.  We need to give victims the support they need – like a confidential place to go – and we need to bring the perpetrators to justice,” Vice President Biden said.The website will also provide schools and advocates more guidance on their federal legal obligations to respond to sexual assaults, as well as research about preventing and responding to crimes.”We hope this would be a resource for the campus community, but also for all of us,” a senior administration official said.