White House Inadvertently Admits That a Child Is a Child ‘Even Before Birth’

The Executive Office of the President of the United States — aka Barack Obama — released a document in the days leading up to Christmas that proves once again that reality conspires against even the most careful liars.

The White House intended the document in question — dryly titled “Long-Term Benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” — to build the case for expanding the value and availability of food stamps.

What the document demonstrates is that even the Obama White House knows that an unborn child is a child.

During his political career, Obama has made great exertions to obscure this fact from public view — and this White House paper is not his first failure in that regard.

When Obama was an Illinois state senator in 2001, as this column noted in 2008, state Sen. Patrick O’Malley introduced a trio of bills designed to protect the right to life of babies surviving abortions. One of these defined a fully born abortion-surviving baby as a “person,” “human being,” “child” and “individual.”

Only Obama stood up on the Illinois Senate floor to speak out against this.

But then Obama had difficulty finding terms that — from his perspective — sufficiently dehumanized the type of human he wished to deny the right to life.

He initially slipped and called a born baby who survives an abortion a “child.” Yet he made clear that such a “child” should be considered a “fetus” who is “temporarily alive outside the womb.”