White House Doom: Climate Change Causes Allergies, Asthma, Downpours, Poverty, Terrorism

Stepping up his war on global warming and bolstering the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to put new restrictions on coal-fired energy plants, President Obama Wednesday issued a new report warning that the phenomenon can cause allergies, asthma and foster terrorism.

The report lists at least 34 effects of climate change, a doomsday scenario of health, security, economic and political issues.

“Climate change is contributing to extreme weather, wildfires, and drought, and that rising temperatures can lead to more smog and more allergens in the air we breathe, meaning more kids are exposed to the triggers that can cause asthma attacks,” said the White House.

The report was issued in advance of the president’s trip Wednesday to New London, Conn., to deliver the commencement address at the United States Coast Guard Academy. It stresses the need to reduce global warming to help reduce national security risks.

It also comes in advance of the EPA’s new push to cut carbon in the air. The White House said, “We also need to decrease the harmful carbon pollution that causes climate change. That is why, this summer, the EPA will put in place commonsense standards to reduce carbon pollution from power plants, the largest source in the United States.”