What the Cancer Industry is Missing: Boosting a Patient’s Own Healing Abilities

It’s predicted that 38 percent of women and 43 percent of men will develop some type of cancer over their lifetime; however, internationally recognized nutrition and cancer expert Dr. Patrick Quillin says practicing optimal nutrition can reduce the risk of developing cancer by up to 90 percent.

His book, entitled Beating Cancer with Nutrition, provides readers with an aggressive approach to beating and preventing cancer, including reducing your sugar intake, stimulating your immune system and avoiding malnutrition. The following is an excerpt from his book:

“Cancer mimics the chemistry of a fetus, and hence becomes invisible to the human immune system. Cancer also mutates by changing its DNA composition almost weekly, which is a major reason why many cancers develop a drug resistance that often limits the value of chemotherapy. Cancer also weakens its host by installing its own abnormal biochemistry, including:

• changes in the pH, or acid base balance, making the environment more favorable for cancer growth and less favorable for host recovery

• creation of anaerobic (oxygen deprived) pockets of tissue which resist radiation therapy like someone hunkered into a bomb shelter

• blunting the immune system, which is the primary means of fighting cancer

• elevating metabolism and calorie needs while simultaneously lowering appetite and food intake to slowly starve the host

• ejecting by-products that create weakness, apathy, pain and depression in the host

• siphoning nutrients out of the bloodstream like a parasite.”