WH Kicks Parents, Cancer-Stricken Children from Park

Parents with their cancer-stricken children were “heartbroken” because an event they planned – with permits – in Lafayette Square was shut down because the president was leaving the White House by a different door to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus to talk about jobs for black women and police brutality.

The parents are trying to bring attention to their cause to get more funding for children’s cancer.

That’s a speech he could have skipped and keeping the park closed was ridiculous overkill. The same thing goes on when he comes to New York City. We dread it. He shuts down everything for miles, even routes he might later take or has no intention of taking.

The candlelight vigil they were to hold included speakers and music. It came about in part because they couldn’t persuade the White House to light up the mansion – the peoples’ house – in gold as a symbol of support for the cause as it has done for others. This was to be their second candlelight vigil.