Wealthy Would Pay 15 Percent More in Medicare ‘Doc Fix’

House leaders proposed Friday to charge wealthy Medicare beneficiaries up to 15 percent more to pay for legislation to eliminate a flawed Medicare formula that has annually threatened to drastically cut payments to doctors.

The proposed higher bills wouldn’t go into effect until 2018 and only affect about 2 percent of the Medicare population, according to leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and House Ways and Means Committee.

Starting in 2018, beneficiaries in Part B and D who have income between $133,500 and $160,000 ($267,000 to $320,000 for a couple) would pay 65 percent of their premium instead of the current rate of 50 percent. Medicare beneficiaries who make between $160,000 and $214,000 ($320,000 to $428,000 for a couple) would see an increase from 65 percent to 75 percent.