Water Fluoridation Linked to Increased ADHD in Kids

Millions of children and adolescents have been diagnosed (and misdiagnosed) as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. A new study suggests that many of them may suffer from symptoms labeled as ADHD that are the result of fluoride that has been put in their tap water by government edict.

A recent study by a team of psychologists from York University in Toronto, Canada, and published in the journal Environmental Health, found that states with a higher portion of fluoridation experienced greater incidence of ADHD diagnoses.

“States in which a greater proportion of people received artificially-fluoridated water in 1992 tended to have a greater proportion of children and adolescents who received ADHD diagnoses [in later years], after controlling for socioeconomic status,” says Ashley Malin, a doctoral candidate in psychology, who co-authored the study with Dr. Christine Till. According to the Malin-Till study, “each 1% increase in artificial fluoridation prevalence in 1992 was associated with approximately 67,000 to 131,000 additional ADHD diagnoses from 2003 to 2011.”