Watch Libs Scream When Their Pet Industries Get Regulated

Colorado finds an urgent need to regulate yoga schools, and, indirectly yoga classes.

It was evening at one of this city’s most popular yoga centers, and teacher training was about to begin. Students wore flowing genie pants. Votive candles lit a classroom. Annie Prasad Freedom, the studio’s founder, greeted arriving yogis. “Hello,” she cooed to a man with dreadlocks. “Nice to see you.”

It all seems good–flowing genie pants, votive candles, dreadlocks man–but under the surface all is not well in hippie land.

“I get pretty fired up about this new thing with the government,” said Ms. Freedom, 45, sitting outside her studio, Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation. “How can you have people who know nothing about yoga regulating yoga schools?”

Ms. Freedom (if that’s her real name) doesn’t like government regulation. Does any one else here care to guess Ms. Freedom’s party affiliation, and whether she’s perfectly happy voting for a party that regulates everything else?