Washington Group Proposes Composting the Dead to Use As Garden Soil

If you were given the choice of how your body should be handled after you depart from this level of existence, which of the following would you choose: Normal burial in a cemetery plot, cremation with ashes in an urn or decomposition into compost for planting trees or crops.

Of course, the first two are routinely performed. But the last one is the latest alternative that is being introduced as a formal arrangement, not just throwing a corpse into an apple orchard.

The “formal arrangement” would consist of a concrete multilevel structure containing several rooms with pits containing wood chips and mulch with sawdust where dead bodies can be buried for only as long as it takes for the body to decompose.

Decomposed bodies contribute more to earth than a cemetery plot ever could

Then for several weeks, the human mulch compost is occasionally turned then finally removed and used in the real earth world for planting trees on a farm or gardening or whatever. The final discretion of where and by whom it’s used is left to the deceased’s will or the deceased’s survivors. Each decomposition pit may be recycled a few times a year.

Instead of taking up a cemetery plot with a coffin containing a rotted corpse or winding up as ashes in an urn or tossed out into the wind or at sea, one’s decomposed body could contribute to more plant life on earth. As things are developing the way they are, chances are your decomposed body could be used as compost for industrial hemp use or even medical or recreational marijuana.