Warning: Veganism “Can Cause Serious Harm”

As the popularity of alternative-lifestyle choice ‘veganism’ increases across Europe, officials in Switzerland have expressed concerns about the health implications for children who have the unusual diet forced on them by “idealistic” parents.

In the statement, Swiss officials said: “Vegan food is not recommended for young children. It can cause serious harm”. The lack of vitamin B12, which is seriously deficient in Vegan diets is the main cause of the interjection by federal health officials, who have warned denying children access to animal-derived food at an early age can cause health problems.

Vitamin B12 is essential to a functioning nervous system and brain, as well as a number of other essential body functions including the production of blood. Young children normally receive the B12 they need by breastfeeding, but in the case of Vegan mothers the milk is deficient.