Vivek Murthy Shouldn’t Be Confirmed as Surgeon General

In December 2013, I sent a letter to President Obama expressing my nonpartisan concerns about Dr. Vivek Murthy, his nominee to be the next surgeon general.

Now as senators consider his nomination, I would like to share those concerns with them and the American public.

This is not meant to be personal; in fact, I have never met Murthy. However, at just 36 years of age, Murthy is only a few years out of his residency and has very limited public health education and experience. I believe he is unqualified to effectively serve as the nation’s doctor.

The U.S. surgeon general is responsible for providing government leaders and the American public with the best scientific information available about how to respond to catastrophic public health events and emerging public health threats, as well as ways to improve their general health and well-being. The surgeon general also oversees the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, an elite group of more than 6,700 uniformed public health professionals whose mission is to protect, promote, and advance the health of our nation.