Veterans Group Ad Hits Hillary on VA Scandal

A veterans advocacy group is launching a new ad targeting comments from Hillary Clinton they believe downplayed the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal.

Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) committed six figures to the 30-second spot, which will air in early voting states South Carolina and Florida.

Clinton, the Democratic primary front-runner, said last month that protracted delays at VA hospitals have “not been as widespread” as coverage of the scandal would indicate.

The ad opens with newspaper headlines discussing the long wait times faced by veterans and worries that some may have died waiting for medical care. It then replays Clinton’s comments.

“Not widespread?” the ad asks, “Our veterans deserve better. Fight for those who fought for us.”

It closes by encouraging viewers to contact lawmakers and support the VA Accountability Act, which is intended to improve standards at the agency by making it easier to remove poorly performing officials.

“Veterans and politicians agree — Mrs. Clinton’s remarks about the VA and veterans’ care were callous, dismissive and painfully out of touch,” CVA CEO Pete Hegseth said in a statement on Friday about the new ad.

“The mentality her statements reflect is exactly what led to the widespread scandals at the VA in the first place.”