Veterans Administration Docs: If We Speak Up, We Become A Target

The primary complaint of health care providers employed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is retaliation by management – including “sham peer reviews” and even dismissal – for speaking up about serious deficiencies in the VA’s medical system, several VA doctors said during a two-day meeting in Washington on how to improve veterans’ health care.

Dr. Rafael Montecino, a surgeon with the VA in eastern Kansas, complained that “when you try to make things more efficient, the system is working against you. They say that you are creating a hostile environment.”

And “when you complain, or you say like ‘You know, this is not the right thing,’ then you become a target and they gang together to get you out of there,” Dr. Montecino added.

Other complaints raised by VA physicians included inefficient scheduling systems, a lack of appropriate post-surgical care, lazy VA employees, and having their input ignored by VA management.