Veteran Freezes To Death After Veterans Affairs Hospital Turns Him Away

An Iraq veteran was found frozen to death in the woods after a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital turned him away.

Richard Miles, 40, decided to check himself into the VA hospital in Des Moines, Iowa, when he realized his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was spiraling out of control. But staff turned him away, electing to give him medication to cope. Miles was found dead five days later in the woods. He froze to death and had a toxic amount of sleeping pills present in his system, CNN reports.

“That was his cry for help and it was not taken seriously or received the way it should have been received,” Katie Hopper, Miles’ ex-girlfriend, told CNN.

The problems began soon after Miles returned from Iraq in 2004.

According to medical records, Miles reported seeing dead bodies and having nightmares which left him angry, sad and very irritable.