VA Pharmacists Unpunished for Serious – Even Fatal – Errors Dispensing Drugs

Pharmacists who made serious or potentially fatal errors dispensing drugs at the VA in New Jersey kept their jobs and often weren’t even severely disciplined, according to testimony from their colleagues and other records.

One chemotherapy patient died after a 2001 overdose, but the pharmacist continued working for the VA for years, according to records obtained by The Washington Times under the Freedom of Information Act.

In another case, a pharmacist prescribed a potentially fatal dose of another medication, but neither that employee nor a supervisor, who also had a history of prescribing errors, was disciplined beyond being ordered to undergo counseling.

The records were filed in an administrative hearing for Muhamad Sadiq, a pharmacist whom the VA fired but who is appealing the decision, saying he was being singled out even though colleagues made even worse errors.