US Pledges $4 Billion to Speed Self-Driving Cars

US Pledges $4 Billion to Speed Self-Driving Cars

The US administration pledged Thursday to help clear the way for autonomous vehicles with an investment of $4 billion to fund research and testing projects.

US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx made the announcement in Detroit, flanked by executives from Google and auto manufacturers General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Volvo, Fiat Chrysler and Honda.

“Much needs to be done to create the transportation system of the 21st century,” Foxx said at the North American International Auto Show.

He said the Obama administration plans to ask for funding to speed up the introduction and use of autonomous vehicles, saying it would help reduce the congestion and improve road safety.

The initiative also aims to improve the US transportation system and vehicle-to-vehicle communications technology which helps cars avoid obstacles and accidents through better awareness of the surrounding environment.