UN Secretary General: Provide Abortions to Women in ‘Conflict-Affected Countries’

In a report issued in September, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recommended that the United Nations provide women with “comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services” in refugee camps in Syria, Iraq and Sudan, including abortion.

“I call upon all actors to support improved access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services in conflict-affected settings,” Ban said. “This must include access to HIV counseling and testing, which remains limited in many settings, and the safe termination of pregnancies for survivors of conflict-related rape.”

Ban’s comments about abortion are included in a “progress report” that is required to be issued periodically in support of a 2000 U.N. resolution about “women, peace and security.” In this latest report, Ban cited a report from 2013 and said access to abortion is “in line” with the goals of the original resolution and the earlier “progress report.”

But the New York-based Center for Family and Human Rights, a Catholic pro-life/U.N. watchdog organization, pointed out in an article posted on its website Thursday that the 2013 report does not mention abortion.