UN Report: ‘Cyber-Touch’ As Harmful to Women and Girls ‘as a Physical Touch’

A new report on “Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls” released by the United Nations’ Broadband Commission for Digital Development declared that a “cyber-touch” can be “equally as harmful as a physical touch.”

“Now that a cyber-touch is recognized as equally as harmful as a physical touch, all citizens, must prepare themselves to take the appropriate action,” said the report, which calls for increased government supervision of the Internet.

“Telecoms and search engines, the indispensable backbone bringing the content to users, have a particular role and responsibility to protect the public from violent or abusive behaviors,” said the report.

“Political and governmental bodies need to use their licensing prerogative to ensure that only those Telecoms and search engines are allowed to connect with the public that supervise content and its dissemination,” it continued.

The report defined cyber violence as including “hate speech (publishing a blasphemous libel), hacking (intercepting private communications), identity theft, online stalking (criminal harassment) and uttering threats.”