U.N. Feminist Trio ‘Appalled’ by U.S.’s Lack of Gender Equality

Somehow, it’s difficult to take seriously a coven of radical, foreign feminazis sent by the United Nations to tut-tut the United States over its allegedly horrible treatment of women.

Because two of the scarf-and-spectacle triplets are from Europe, it gets downright funny when they start castigating the U.S. for its treatment of immigrant women in detention centers. Syrian migrant gang rapes ring any bells?

The trio took it upon themselves to lecture America during a press conference earlier this month, complaining about the gender pay gap, that statistical blip that feminists champion as proof of sexism but that is really just the result of American moms wanting to take time off from careers to raise their children.

The women, who are from Poland, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica, blasted the U.S. for lagging behind “international human rights standards” in regards to its “23 percent gender pay gap, maternity leave, affordable child care and the treatment of female migrants in detention centers.”