Two Abortion Laws in Supreme Court Queue

The Supreme Court hasn’t waded into battles simmering around the country over a slew of new state abortion regulations, but activists have two shots this month to get cases heard.

The court could announce Monday, or sometime after that, whether it will scrutinize a law that would effectively gut Mississippi’s last remaining abortion clinic. The justices also are expected to announce this month whether they will consider a North Carolina measure requiring abortion doctors to display and describe to a woman a sonogram of her fetus.

Lower courts have split on these types of measures, and activists on both sides of the debate want them heard by the country’s highest court. The Mississippi law in particular has some big ramifications. Still, legal experts are pessimistic the justices will dive in right now.

Four other states have passed laws similar to North Carolina’s, which require doctors to perform ultrasounds on a woman requesting an abortion and both display and describe the fetus’ image to her.