TSA Chief: ‘We’re on the Cusp of a Very Different Looking Checkpoint Experience’

Coming soon, a new checkpoint experience for airline passengers.

Testifying before a House Oversight subcommittee on Tuesday, Peter Neffenger, the new head of the Transportation Security Agency, said he envisions “a day where the checkpoint looks very different from what it does today.

With the exception of the full-body scanners, “We’re still largely dealing with …the same kind of checkpoint we’ve had for the past decade or more. And I think we’re on the cusp of a very different looking checkpoint experience in the next five years.”

Neffenger did not describe the new checkpoint experience, but in his written statement to the committee, he did offer a glimpse:

First, he wants to vastly increase the number of fully vetted passengers who participate in TSA Pre-Check or other “trusted travelers” programs. That would allow TSA to separate “known and unknown travelers, with known travelers receiving expedited screening.

“I envision a future where some known travelers will be as vetted and trusted as flight crews,” Neffenger wrote.