Transgender Sensitivity Training for Police Officers

Despite decreased budgets for police departments. And despite the shocking wave of attacks against police officers. The St. Petersburg Police Department has seen fit to provide special training to ensure their police officers don’t “mis-gender” dead “transgender” people.

As most readers know by now, “transgender” is an official sounding word intended to legitimize a mentally ill person who wishes to be the other gender from which they were born. And toward that end they may change their name, alter the way they dress, manipulate the way they speak, physically mutilate themselves, ingest large doses of hormones, and increasingly make quite a fuss about the pronoun used to describe them.

Embracing this race to normalize that which is pathological, Anthony Holloway, St. Petersburg Chief of Police, is putting his officers through sensitivity training. Per Chief Holloway: “times are changing and we need to change with the times.” Holloway wants to “get ahead of this before we start getting complaints.”