Traditional Marriage Advocate: ‘Now Only Politically Correct Views’ Are Allowed In Public Square

When voices that defend traditional Judeo-Christian values can be smeared, labeled and dismissed as “hateful” by radical ideologues with impunity, America has turned away from its commitment to free speech.

Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D, is the new executive director of the World Congress of Families who will be hosting their first gathering in the United States this year.

Crouse has dedicated her life’s work to research and policies promoting optimal outcomes for families, women and children.

Dr. Crouse finds it “appalling” that “now only politically correct views can be expressed in the public square. Only people who follow certain prescribed ideology are able to address our colleges and universities.” She worries that “people cannot engage in conversation and exchange ideas, knowing that you share different ideas,” she decried in this exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller.