These Four Republicans Voted Against The House-Passed Abortion Ban

The House voted to pass a late-term abortion ban Wednesday almost entirely along party lines, with the exception of four Republicans who voted against the bill and four Democrats who voted for it.

Republican Reps. Bob Dold (Illinois), Richard Hanna (New York), Charlie Dent (Pennsylvania) and Rodney Frelinghuysen (New Jersey) voted against 238 Republicans to oppose the 20-week abortion ban, in spite of scientific evidence babies can feel pain at that point.

“I have a clear record of supporting women’s choice in healthcare decisions, and this bill fails to protect those choices,” Dold said in a statement explaining his vote, referring to a woman’s “right” to choose to end an unborn child’s life.

The bill bans abortions after five months, when the unborn babies are capable of feeling pain, except in cases of rape, incest or to preserve the life of the mother. Women seeking a late-term abortion under the rape exemption are required to seek medical help or counseling at least 48 hours prior to the abortion.