These Are the 5 Most Stressed States in America

Florida is the most stressed-out state in the lower 48 and that has nothing to do with pythons, shark attacks, or drug-dealing mayors, according to a new study.

Real-estate blog Movoto used factors including commuting times, housing prices, and lack of health insurance to arrive at its findings. It ranked the Sunshine State first because of high unemployment, at 11.3 percent and the fact that 25.8 percent of its population doesn’t have health insurance.

The rest of the top five:

  • Georgia: This state had the combination of the longest working hours of any state in the top 10, and one of the highest rates of people with no working hours at all.
  • New Jersey: The most stressed out state in the Northeast has the highest population density in the land, some of the longest commutes, and its residents spend the highest proportion of their income on housing.