The USDA Published a Guide to Roasting Marshmallows

Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comic strips. While I normally read it for the daily laugh, today’s strip did the immense public service of reminding me how silly our government can be:

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He’s right–the guide is real. The guide, which was published in August of 2014 on the USDA’s blog, includes fire safety tips and also suggests that a person healthy up a s’more with a piece of grilled pineapple in lieu of chocolate.

Now, let’s get to the marshmallow basics. Use a roasting stick of at least 30 inches in length. The degree a marshmallow is roasted runs the gamut, from the barely cooked, light caramel-colored outer layer to the flaming marshmallow that contains a gooey interior wrapped by a crispy, blackened shell. From there, most people graduate to s’mores and rarely move on.

But there are some innovative ways to roast the little white treats that can help cut down on the amount of sugar intake by the kids, thus making bedtime a little more doable.