The Taxpayer-Funded Sex Conference That Twists Your Kids’ Minds

The sex conference gives instruction involving Internet porn, stripteases, bathing with others, sexting, sexual role-playing, and anal intercourse among its many licentious prescriptions.

It’s also attended by students as young as 11 years old.

And it’s partially funded with your tax money.

It’s called the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference (OASC), which has been taking place annually in Seaside, Oregon, for the past 20 years.

It’s billed as a program that encourages “safe sex” and prevents teen pregnancy, but parents who sign permission slips allowing their children to attend probably don’t realize the event is anything but safe.

A KOIN 6 investigation found that some of the OASC material comes from a porn website called VirtualFem, which describes itself as “a natural language understanding virtual girlfriend, virtual sex, and virtual striptease game for windows.” Another site,, characterized VirtualFem as a “Sex dating game that combines AI, POV porn video, and text interaction” and lists its content thus: “X-Rated, POV, real women, chatting, stripping, masturbation, bl****bs, sex, anal.” The OASC also provided pamphlets advocating cyber and phone sex to students as young as middle-schoolers.