The Last Thing the Left Wants is Racial Healing

While the media was all abuzz over Obama using the “n” word, I was outraged over him accusing my country of being a nation filled with racists. Folks, our president actually said racism is in our DNA and is passed on from generation to generation.

Dude, you’re a black man whom white folks — because blacks are only 12% of the population — made leader of the free world two times. Stop it with the “blacks are victims” nonsense. Millennial blacks have never or rarely experience bona-fide racism. So why are Obama and his fellow Leftists hell-bent on instilling racial paranoia and resentment against whites in millennial blacks?

The answer is simple: this is how Democrats keep their monopoly of the black vote. Instill in blacks that America is eternally racist and voting for Democrats is the only way to keep the haters which are the majority at bay.

Despicably, the Left is exploiting the Charleston shooting. Like a magician using sleight of hand, the Left has directed attention away from the real culprit which is their hate-generating lies about white America and have everyone focused on the Confederate flag of all things. Remarkable.

Okay. Will one of the paragons of black empowerment who are demanding the removal of the Confederate flag please explain to me how it will save the life of one black baby sentenced to death in blacks’ self-induced genocide (abortion)? I assume removing the flag will stop blacks from killing each other in record numbers in Chicago and Baltimore.