The Irony of Liberals Worrying About Laws Raising Costs of Abortion

Liberals are worried about laws that raise the cost of abortion.  But they never seem to worry about the mandates in Obamacare that raise the cost of medical care generally.

The next big Supreme Court case involving abortion is expected to come from Texas, where a 2013 law led to the closing of many clinics and inspired abortion opponents around the country to propose similar restrictions.

The law’s effects in Texas show the degree to which regulations ostensibly about clinic quality and women’s safety can reduce access to abortion and raise costs for women who choose the procedure

For a woman in the average Texas county, the typical cost of an in-state abortion would rise 15 percent, to $701. That figure is based on the cost of the procedure at eight weeks’ gestation (the national average for women obtaining abortions) and includes a state-mandated ultrasound and counseling, as well as travel costs. The figure leaves out secondary costs, such as lost wages and care for a mother’s children, which can be significant but are harder to quantify.