Ted Cruz ‘Weighing Options’ for his Family’s Healthcare Coverage

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz will decide “in the coming days” whether to purchase health insurance through Obamacare, his spokesman Rick Tyler said.

The Cruzes had been covered through his wife’s plan at Goldman Sachs in Houston where she is a managing director. Heidi Cruz is taking unpaid leave to work on the campaign.

She could probably continue the family’s existing workplace coverage under the COBRA system by picking up the employer’s contribution. Another option would be buy a new private healthcare policy, Politico reported.

Cruz made headlines Tuesday by telling The Des Moines Register that, “we will presumably go on the exchange and sign up for healthcare.”

Tyler later explained that “Obamacare has driven the whole industry.” Adding “it’s not as if the new private plans have been all preserved. They haven’t. Everything was affected by Obamacare,” according to Politico.