Taxpayers Pick Up the Tab for $16,000 Meeting on Research in Transgender Health and Medicine

The National Institutes of Health through its Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development has awarded $16,000 in taxpayer funding to the University of Minnesota for a scientific meeting on research in transgender health and medicine.

According to the grant, titled, “Transnet: Developing a Research Agenda in Transgender Health and Medicine,” the meeting will “contribute to an understanding of the medical, behavioral and social science aspects of transgender health, and serve as a forum to develop a plan for transgender health and medical research across the life continuum.”

The meeting, which was organized by TransNet – a newly established consortium of researchers focused on transgender health and medical research – was scheduled to take place in spring 2015 at a venue in Washington, D.C., and was expected to include “researchers and clinicians representing the breadth of transgender health and medical research.”