Suspect in Custody After Shooting at Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

A gunman killed three people and injured nine others Friday at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs.

It was unclear what kind of weapon or weapons the shooter had with him. One witness said it was a shotgun, most news stories are going with “an AK-47-style” gun, police at one point said a “long gun,” and one police radio clip mentioned “automatic fire.”

The motive is unknown at this point, but that hasn’t stopped a bloviating media and blogosphere from trying to connect the shooter to the series of Planned Parenthood sting videos released over several months this summer and to four arson fires at other Planned Parenthood clinics.

In addition to the usual gun-control whining, the theme you can expect to hear over the next few days is going to be “Christian terrorism” supposedly targeting poor, innocent Planned Parenthood, which slaughters more than 300,000 children annually, disproportionately those from poor and non-white mothers.