SUIT: Teacher Fired Over ‘Morbid Obesity’

An Indiana teacher who lost his job for “poor classroom management” is suing his former school, alleging he was actually terminated because he’s very fat, and that’s against the law.

Muncie Area Career Center Teacher Tim Crehan filed a federal lawsuit against Muncie Community Schools Oct. 27 alleging the district violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when they fired him about two years ago – in October 2013, The Star Press reports.

Muncie Teachers Association President Pat Kennedy told the news site the union wasn’t involved with the lawsuit, but did fight to help him fight his evaluation with the school board that ultimately showed he met performance expectations in his teacher evaluation.

Crehan is now using the teacher evaluation as evidence that he was allegedly fired for the wrong reasons. The school board approved Crehan’s termination Oct. 10, 2013 in a 4-1 vote based on “poor classroom management,” “neglect of duty,” and “not meeting performance improvement plans,” according to the news site.

In the lawsuit, Crehan attempts to explain away several incidents that occurred in his classroom.

“In the claim, Crehan specifically responds to allegations that during class one student burned another student and, in a separate incident, that one student consumed alcohol and became intoxicated,” according to The Star Press.

Crehan contends that because students could bring food and drinks in their bags to class, and because teachers supervise multiple classes, “many negative school behaviors go unobserved by teaching staff,” according to the lawsuit.