Sugar is Making Us Very Sick, Researchers Warn

Dr. Robert Lustig has studied childhood obesity for 16 years and cross-analyzed numerous studies to come to a not-so-sweet conclusion: Sugar should be thought of along the same lines as tobacco, cocaine, or alcohol, he told the Guardian in August.

Now Lustig is a member of a 12-scientist team working on SugarScience, a University of California-San Francisco initiative that hopes to showcase reputable studies on added sugars and how they impact health, a UCSF news article reports.

The SugarScience group has already reviewed more than 8,000 papers and found evidence to support Lustig’s previous assertions, linking excess sugar consumption to such chronic diseases as Type 2 diabetes and liver and heart disease.

Laura Schmidt, the initiative’s lead researcher, told the Chicago Tribune in December that the point of the project is to make these findings accessible to the public through its website and social media.