Study Proves – Government Knows Best

A Ph.D. candidate at Virginia Tech University has found in a research study that the government does a better job feeding your kids than you do. When you are done laughing, read on.

CBS thought so much of the research which appeared in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior that they titled it, “Who makes a healthier lunch: Mom or school cafeteria?”

The conclusion, which coincidentally fits well with the government’s, is that lunches packed at home are generally not as nutritious as school lunches.

Ph.D. candidates churn out hundreds of these things each year but the media likes to cherry pick what’s important.

Mom’s aren’t as savvy as the government apparently. They’re almost guilty of neglect because they give their children desserts.

The researchers compared more than 750 school meals with more than 560 packed meals given to pre-K and kindergarten students in three schools, analyzing them for nutritional value over five days.

“We found that packed lunches were of less nutritional quality than school lunches,” said lead researcher Alisha Farris, a Ph.D.