Study: Michelle Obama Anti-Fat Group Treats Obese as ‘Idiots’

Two major national anti-obesity campaigns supported by first lady Michelle Obama and former President Clinton treat overweight Americans as “idiots” too dumb to figure out what’s good for them, according to a new academic study.

Worse, said the study from a George Washington University professor, the Obama-backed Partnership for a Healthier America and Clinton supported Alliance for a Healthier Generation blame consumers and not the makers of unhealthy food for the obesity epidemic.

“I found that these organizations might more appropriately be called the ‘Partnership for a Healthier Bottom Line,’ ” said associate sociologist professor Ivy Ken in the influential academic journal Social Currents.

While giving cover to the food makers, the child anti-obesity groups “turn overweight and obese people into idiots” by addressing them as “an assortment of individuals who do not know any better than to make bad choices,” she wrote in the study titled, “A Healthy Bottom Line: Obese Children, a Pacified Public, and Corporate Legitimacy.”

Ken said that by partnering with food makers, the two groups help companies convince the public that they are helping to end obesity – not making it worse with their products heavy with fat, sugar and salt.