STUDY: Michelle O School Meals May Cause Cancer

A new study reveals school lunches promoted by first lady Michelle Obama could contain dangerous levels of BPA, a chemical that causes cancer, weight gain, early puberty, and neural problems, among others.

Stanford University School of Medicine postdoctoral fellow Jennifer Hartle’s study, published in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology looked at long term exposure to the toxic plastic component BPA from school meals served under the National School Lunch Program, SCOPE reports.

“Hartle and her colleagues turned their attention to national school breakfast and lunch programs, which provide nutritious meals to 30 million kids every year but also deliver small amounts of BPA, an estrogen mimic that messes with hormones,” according to the site, which is published by Stanford Medicine.

“Children’s meals are disproportionately packaged in tiny one-meal containers. Those tiny packages of apple sauce and juice have a greater BPA-emitting surface area than a big carton or can for the amount of food. And school kids often eat meals off plastic trays with plastic forks and spoons. For children who eat a lot of meals at school, it can add up.”