Study: Even The Highly Educated Can’t Get To Work

Even highly educated young adults struggle to understand and navigate, according to a study published Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine. 

The most highly-prized Obamacare target, young and healthy adults, were often stumped by the federal website, which the Obama administration had promised would be easy and accessible for everyone — like popular comparison websites such as Kayak or Amazon.

Young, Internet-literate, highly-educated professionals struggled with poor access to information on — details on the plans, comparisons, subsidies and even basic health insurance terms were too hard to come by.

University of Pennsylvania researchers followers 33 subjects for three months as they struggled to get coverage from the federal website. The young professionals were both the best-prepared demographic to get coverage online — highly educated and familiar with the Internet — and the most desirable group as well — young, healthy and inexpensive for insurers.