Study: Cereal Box Characters Manipulate Children By Looking Into Their Eyes

There is a war on for your child’s mind every time you set down the cereal aisle.  Cap’n Crunch, the Trix rabbit, and Count Chocula are colluding against your children.

In addition to being loaded with unholy amounts of sugar, the cold breakfast cereals most American children enjoy are actually conducting covert psychological operations on them, according to researchers at Cornell University.

“In a study of 65 cereals in 10 different grocery stores in New York and Connecticut, Cornell researchers found that cereals marketed to kids are placed half as high on supermarket shelves as adult cereals—about 23 inches for kids compared with 48 inches for adult cereal,” CBS Chicago reports.

The study also found that cereal manufacturers position the eyes of their spokes-characters to look downward at an average angle of about 9.6 degrees in order to establish eye contact with children, whereas characters on adult cereal boxes look straight.