Students Tweeting Pictures of Disgusting School Lunches With Hashtag #thanksmichelleobama

It was always a mistake for Michelle Obama to take on the role of national food scold, no matter how sincere her worries over the obesity problems of many Americans.  Telling people what they can and can’t eat leads to resentment, anger, and scorn.  That last stage has now been reached, as federally subsidized school lunch programs across the country have resorted to absurd measures trying to meet the guidelines forced on them by the feds, at the behest of the first lady.

You can always trust government school bureaucrats to become ridiculous when following guidelines – think Pop Tarts chewed into the shape of guns resulting in suspension for little tykes.  And school cafeterias have never been renowned for the quality or appeal of their products.  So put these elements together, and you can get appalling outcomes.

In the age of Twitter, blowback is to be expected.  Yahoo, no bastion of conservatism, highlights the emergence of the #thanksmichelleobama hashtag