State Farm Was NOT There When This Family’s House Was INFESTED With Thousands Of DEADLY SPIDERS

Thousands of venomous spiders forced a St. Louis-area family to abandon its home. The lethal brown recluse spiders invaded every nook and cranny of the $450,000 house. They even seeped out of the ceiling.

And State Farm, the family’s insurance company, has flatly refused to pay for damages despite a jury’s finding that it must, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The trouble started for Brian and Susan Trost in 2007 when the couple purchased the 2,400-square-foot house at 84 Gillette Field Close — on the front nine of Whitmoor Country Club in Weldon Spring, Mo.

The Trosts quickly noted the infestation of spiders. They were in the pantry, the light fixtures, the blinds, the fireplace and the pantry. They were behind the wallpaper. Once, when Susan Trost was taking a shower, a big, scary arachnid dropped out of the ceiling.

The Trosts realized they were dealing with a clutter of brown recluse spiders after their terrified four-year-old son saw one — the size of a silver dollar — next to his foot while playing in the basement. The Trosts captured that particular creature and identified it.

After that, the Trosts called exterminators, who tried several methods to get rid of the spiders. These methods failed.